Viewing Payload Errors

There are two ways clients can be notified of a webhook error: webhook logs within the Portal and email alerts.

Webhook Logs & Payloads

To view a webhook's logs, click into the desired webhook from your home screen to see the list of HTTP requests or email messages, ordered by descending timestamp. Click the specific payload to see the data and metadata. All error codes (if applicable) will be included in the log. 

Email Error Settings

You can adjust the frequency of error notifications you receive by navigating to Account Settings within the Webhooks by Symmetry portal and adjusting the Email Frequency.

Company-specific setting

Please note that the error email frequency setting is company-specific. Therefore, any change to the frequency setting will affect all users in your company.

To navigate to Account Settings, click on your avatar in the upper righthand corner of the Portal and select Account Settings in the dropdown.


There are four options:

  • Always send error emails: you will receive an email for each error.
  • Send email every 5 errors: Webhooks by Symmetry will consolidate the errors and send you an email for five notifications at one time.
  • Send email every 10 errors: Webhooks by Symmetry will consolidate the errors and send you an email for ten notifications at one time.
  • Never send error emails: you will not receive an email when an error is logged.

Email alerts will go to all Webhooks by Symmetry users in your company. Adjust the frequency to your desired state and click Save.

Email settings are independent of webhook logs. If you choose to turn off email error notifications, logs will still be generated for each payload. 


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