Symmetry Payroll Forms Pricing FAQ

1. How are these increases calculated? 


We regularly review the market landscape, our product investment, and pricing to ensure we are competitive which informs our product pricing. 

For existing Symmetry Payroll Forms clients, price increases are determined by several factors including usage, contractual terms, and client tenure. 

2. When do these price increases go into effect? 


Clients will see the new Symmetry Payroll Forms base fee on their next annual renewal. The new usage fee will be seen on the subsequent renewal, this is because usage is billed in arrears. 


Symmetry Payroll Forms annual renewal date: July 1, 2022. 

July 1, 2022 renewal - reflects new base fee + previous usage rate 

July 1, 2023 renewal - reflects new base fee + new usage rate

3. Why are you increasing the price of Symmetry Payroll Forms? 


Starting in November 2022, we notified a number of our Symmetry Payroll Forms clients that they will be seeing price changes to their existing pricing plan. These price changes only impact existing clients that are on legacy pricing plans that are sunsetting and vary depending on product and contract terms.

When we implemented price changes earlier this year, those changes only impacted new clients. New client pricing at that time (market price) saw significant increases, while existing clients saw no price changes (“legacy” pricing).

The updated Symmetry Payroll Forms pricing better matches the value our product delivers

4. Is this increase affecting all Symmetry Payroll Forms clients?


Yes, all current Symmetry Payroll Forms clients will see new pricing on their next renewal.  

5. Will there be future price increases? 


We continually evaluate our pricing and adjust accordingly to align with the market. If pricing increases in the future, it is due to our investment in our products and tools.

6. How often can we expect a price increase? 


As previously stated, we regularly evaluate our product expenses, the current market, and pricing to stay competitive.

Future pricing adjustments, if they occur, will be reflective of this continued investment.

7. Who should I reach out to at Symmetry if I have further questions regarding these increases?


If you have further questions, concerns, or would like more details, please reach out to our billing department at

8. Did you know that Symmetry has released a new BETA User Interface for Symmetry Payroll Forms?


The new beta user interface (UI) for Symmetry Payroll Forms provides the following additional features and security improvements not available in the current SPF implementation:

  • Improved responsiveness for all screen dimensions - new employees completing forms on mobile, iPad, or ultra-wide monitors? SPF can handle it all!
  • Additional language support for all forms - employees can easily translate any form into Spanish, French, or English, regardless of the original published language from the jurisdiction.
  • Improved security and vulnerability remediation - the new UI uses the latest JavaScript libraries, reducing security vulnerabilities.

Check out this article for more details and for how to enable the new BETA UI.

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